An intelligent, powerful and easy to use broadcasting software package will be re-released in November and it will be available free of charge!

The Airshift Broadcast Suite is a perfect balance of feature rich broadcasting and CRM/traffic management with a highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

It can be used on Windows, Mac or Linux with complete beginning-to-end broadcasting software for Radio, TV, and Next Generation Media.

It was bought by CRM and broadcast IT specialist Timo Ruohomäki, who purchased all the product rights, source code and trademarks for Airshift products on August 4, 2014.

The software will be re-released as a revised package, with new features, such as integrations with Google Drive and

It will also be available free of charge, with commercial support services available from third party consultants who offer fixed and friendly fees.

The Airshift Broadcast Suite is designed to exceed industry standards, broadcasting requirements and user expectations and is made up of three stand alone products:

1. Airshift Studio - combines automation and scheduling functions on one interface. Users receive news using RSS, and publish RSS and podcasts. Features include a recording option, event calendar, support for text items like news stories, a graphical voice-tracking editor, instant messaging and a SQL database.

2. Airshift Airtime has a powerful CRM and traffic management tool which lets users manage customers, contracts and campaigns without layered networks, complex setup or separate back-office systems. Features include a real-time daily revenue estimate and top and tail scheduling.

3. Airshift Replay offers current playout and recording automation that reduces complex timeshifting and versioning tasks. It also automates recurring events such as recording schedules, file transfers and administration.

Timo said: “My goal is that this will be a community-driven product - something that is provided to the community by persons with a face and not by just another corporation.

“We worked closely with various broadcasters to optimise the Airshift Broadcast Suite experience, with the aim of meeting the demands of a modern radio station and powering their production, scheduling and automation.

“It is an easy to use, powerful and intelligent infrastructure with a stylish layout that will provide a radio station with all the features one can imagine in a compact all in one solution.”